Young Scientists School
The purpose of the school is to provide young researchers with an overview of the main aspects of the physics of nonlinear waves, with a focus on the physics of lasers, presented by experts in the field and to give the young participants an opportunity to report results of their own.
To achieve this goal it is intended to organize

1) a course of basic lectures in laser physics;
2) tutorials on topical problems of laser physics;
3) a poster session, where the participants will present their results;
4) a competition of the best poster presentations, for which a special
    jury consisting of renowned scientists will be assigned;
4) an oral session for winners of the competition.

All these and other school events are supposed to provide a research and educational link of scholarship in the field.

There is a special fund intended to partially support students and post graduates who will participate in the young scientists school.
The registration fee for the participants of the school will be waived and the accommodation fee will be reduced to 500 Euros.