NWP-1  Nonlinear Dynamics on Complex Networks
Dynamical networks: Elements of general theory
Characterization of complex dynamics
Heteroclinic sequences and channels in dynamical networks
Applications in life sciences and engineering
Adaptation and control

NWP-2  Lasers with High Peak and High Average Power
Multi-terawatt laser systems, petawatt-class lasers
High average power laser systems
High energy pump lasers
High intensity beam control and characterization
Focusing systems, coherent beam combining
Highly resistant optical components

NWP-3  Nonlinear Wave Phenomena in Geophysics
Physics of lightning: leader formation
Nonlinear processes in thunderclouds
Triggering lightning
Lightning and climate
Climate system empirical modeling and prognosis
Earth climate system patterning: decomposition methods; revelation and modeling of interconnections; methods of pattern stability examination
Paleoclimate data analysis and past climate studies
Turbulence and nonlinear wave phenomena in boundary layers of the atmosphere and ocean
Extreme phenomena in air-sea coupling

Ultra-high Fields in Plasmas: New Models, High Performance Simulations and Experiments
Particle acceleration in plasmas
Novel radiation sources
Plasmas for laser pulse amplification
Radiative and QED effects in strong laser field
Advanced numerical methods for laser-matter interaction