NWP-1 Nonlinear Dynamics: Theory and Applications
Nonlinear dynamics of complex systems:
  • chaos and synchronization
  • controlling chaos
  • spatio-temporal evolution of patterns
Nonlinear dynamics of biological systems:
  • dynamical models of neurons and neural networks
  • neurodynamical control systems
  • processing of information in neuron-like systems
  • nonlinear wave methods of tomography of biological objects 
Mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes and systems

NWP-2 High-field Laser Physics

Generation of laser radiation with extreme characteristics
Nonlinear optics of powerful laser systems
Fundamental atomic and plasma processes in high-intensity optical fields
Extreme states of matter
Attosecond physics
Applications of strong laser fields for new waveband generation,
material fabrication, environmental and biomedical research

NWP-3 Nonlinear Phenomena in Environmental Research

Nonlinear dynamical processes in an atmosphere and in the ocean
Convenors: Victor Shrira (UK), Yuliya Troitskaya (Russia), Alexander Feigin (Russia), G. Sonnemann (Germany)
Nonlinear processes in the solid Earth
Convenors: Alexey Nikolaev (Russia), Lev Ostrovsky (USA-Russia)

Nonlinear electromagnetic phenomena in geophysics

Convenors: Tom Marshall (USA), Eugene Mareev (Russia)
Natural and human-made hazards
Convenors: Boris Levin (Russia), Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner (Turkey)