NWP-1 Nonlinear Dynamics and Information

Nonlinear dynamics of complex systems:

  • chaos and synchronization

  • controlling chaos

  • spatio-temporal dynamics

  • pattern formation

  • chaos and communications

  • prediction and identification


  • dynamical models of neurons and neural networks

  • neurodynamical control systems

  • neurocomputing

  • information dynamics

Dynamical and information processes in living systems:

  • control of microprocesses by wave fields

  • nonlinear wave methods of tomography of biological objects

NWP-2 High-field Physics and Ultrafast Nonlinear Phenomena

Fundamental atomic and plasma processes in high-intensity optical fields:

  • ionization, particle acceleration, X-ray generation, relativistic nonlinear phenomena

Extreme states of matter:

  • wave phenomena in matter at ultrahigh energy density

  • ultrafast phase transitions

  • laboratory astrophysics

Attosecond physics:

  • generation

  • measurement

  • optical phenomena at attosecond time scale

Nonlinear optics with few-cycle and single-cycle pulses

Ultrafast dynamics of atomic and molecular processes in physical, chemical,
and biological systems

Quantum control with intense ultrashort pulses

NWP-3 Nonlinear Phenomena in Environmental Research

Dynamical and stochastic processes in the upper ocean: 

  • waves, flows, and turbulence

Nonlinear dynamical processes in the near-Earth space:

  • atmospheric dynamics

  • thunderstorm electricity

  • wave-particle interactions

  • MHD waves and current sheets

Wave phenomena in complex solids:

  • nonlinear mesoscopic elasticity

  • structural aspects of wave propagation in rocks

Natural and human-made hazards:

  • nonlinear wave aspects