September 6






Vladimir I. Nekorkin,  Mikhail I. Rabinovich, and Allen I. Selverston

Dietrich von der Linde and Alexander M. Sergeev

Chiang C. Mei, Efim N. Pelinovsky, and Victor Yu. Trakhtengerts


Registration of participants 


Departure from Nizhny Novgorod 




Opening session 


 J-1. J. Ayers (USA) Building a central pattern generator for the lobster robot with INLS electronic neurons  


Coffee break 


 J-2. R. Trebino (USA) The musical score, the fundamental theorem of algebra and the measurement of the shortest events ever created  






 J-3. C.C. Mei (USA) Nonlinear dynamics in coastal problems 


Coffee break









1-1. T. Yazawa, T. Katsuyama, K. Kiyono (Japan) Neurodynamical control systems of the heart of Japanese spiny lobster, Panulirus japonicus (I 30 min)

2-1. V.M. Gordienko, D.M. Golishnikov, I.M. Lachko, A.B. Savel'ev, and R.V. Volkov (Russia) Energetic particle production with femtosecond laser modified surface target (I 40 min)

3-1. Y. Agnon (Israel) Spatio-temporal evolution equations for water waves over variable bathymtery (I 30 min)

1-2. T. Fieseler, J. Dammers, P.A. Tass (Germany) Synchronization tomography: Modeling and localization of complex brain dynamics (I 30 min)

2-2. D. von der Linde and K. Sokolowski-Tinten (Germany) Recent work in femtosecond X-ray diffraction (C 20 min)

3-2. J. Battjes (The Netherlands) Forced and free subharmonic gravity waves in the coastal zone (I 30 min)

1-3. G. Orriols, R. Herrero (Spain) Hypothetical dynamic brain based on states of high-degree of oscillatory instability (C 30 min)

2-3. S. Dobosz, G. Doumy, P. D'Oliveira, F. Quere, P. Monot, M. Perdrix, F. Reau, P. Audebert, J.-P. Geindre, J.-C. Gauthier, and Ph. Martin (France) High order harmonics generation from a solid target using a plasma mirror (C 20 min)

3-3. G. Athanassoulis and K.A. Belibassakis (Greece) A unified variational approach to nonlinear water waves: theoretical background and numerical results (I 30 min)

1-4. V.L. Voeikov (Russia) Oxygen-dependent processes of self-excitation in aqueous systems: Implications for vital activities (I 30 min)

2-4. M.F. Koldunov and A.A. Manenkov (Russia) Problems of high-power laser-solids interaction in ultrashort time domain (C 20 min)

3-4. A. Shermenev and M.A. Shermeneva (Russia) Nonlinear waves in shallow water (C 20 min)

1-5. P.D. Weidman, I. Klikahandler (USA) Nonlinear oscillations of a capped liquid-air column (I 30 min)

2-5. S.I. Ashitkov, M.B. Agranat, S.I. Anisimov, P.S. Kondratenko, A.V. Ovchinnikov, and V.E. Fortov (Russia) Ultrafast laser-induced phase transitions in semiconductors (C 20 min)

3-5. S. Dobrokhotov, E.S. Semenov, A. Speranza, and B. Tirozzi (Russia - Italy) Hugoniot-Maslov Chain For Solitary Vortices on the shallow water and tropical cyclone trajectories (C 20 min)


2-6. N.M. Bityurin and A.I. Kuznetsov (Russia) Several problems regarding modification of dielectrics by femtosecond lasers (C 20 min)



Welcome party




Evening program



J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk 
September 7







Arrival in Yaroslavl






1-6. P. Tass, C. Hauptmann (Germany) Development of demand-controlled deep brain simulation techniques based on methods from stochastic phase resetting (I 40 min)

2-7. N.E. Andreev (Russia) Laser-plasma acceleration of electrons (I 40 min)

3-6. G. Golitsyn (Russia) Kolmogorov's ideas and methods for turbulence as applied in geophysics, hydrodynamics, astrophysics (I 30 min)

1-7. N.F. Rulkov, M.V. Bazhenov, A.L. Shilnikov (USA) Modeling of spiking-bursting neural activity using map-based models (I 40 min)

2-8. M. Borghesi, S. Bulanov, T. Esirkepov, D. Farina, V.S. Khoroshkov, M. Lontano, K. Nishihara, M. Passoni, F. Pegoraro, and T. Tajima (UK - Russia - Japan- Italy) Ion acceleration driven by ultrashort and ultraintense laser pulses and applications (I 40 min)

3-7. E. Mareev (Russia) Different approaches to the study of electroaerodynamical turbulence (I 30 min)

1-8. F. Mormann, T. Kreuz, C. Rieke, R.G. Andrzejak, A. Kraskov, P. David, C.E. Elger, K. Lehnertz (Germany) Epilepsy: Does a pre-seizure state really exist? (C 20 min)

2-9. M.I. Bakunov, S.B. Bodrov, D. Dorranian, N. Yugami, and Y. Nishida (Russia - Japan) Terahertz radiation from magnetized wakes induced by short laser pulses (C 20 min)

3-8. A. Gurevich (Russia) Runaway breakdown and problems of thunderstorm electricIy (I 30 min)

3-9. V. Trakhtengerts (Russia) Electrodynamics of a thunderstorm cloud (I 30 min)


Coffee break


1-9. S.N. Gurbatov (Russia) The decay of complex signals in nonlinear dissipative media: A deterministic model of decaying turbulence (I 30 min)

2-10. A. Das, N. Jain, P. Kaw, and S. Sengupta (India) Collective stopping of fast electrons in the problem of fast ignition (I 40 min)

3-10. A. Yalciner (Turkey) Nonlinearity in tsunami simulations (I 30 min)

1-10. L.M. Lerman, L.A. Belyakov (Russia) Generalized 1D Swift-Hohenberg equation: localized and periodic patterns, traveling fronts(I 30 min)

2-11. G.M. Fraiman and N.J. Fisch (Russia - USA) Plasma methods for generation of ultrahigh intensity laser pulses (I 40 min) 

3-11. B. Levin, E. Sassorova, O. Emeljanova (Russia) Spatial and temporal regularities in earthquake and tsunami wave occurrence (I 30 min)

1-11. P.A. Khandokin, Ya.I. Khanin, N.D. Milovskii (Russia) Dynamics of a two-mode laser with selective saturable absorber (C 30 min)

3-12. M. Lavrentiev and K. Simonov (Russia) Stochastic resonance in application to tsunamigenic of underwater earthquake (I 30 min) 




Departure from Yaroslavl

September 7 (evening)


Young scientists session

Evening session

Poster session


1-12. O. Kanakov, V.D. Shalfeev (Russia) The influence of the type of nonlinearity of the basic element on pattern formation in a homogeneous CNN

1-13. B.P. Bezruchko, E. Mosekilde, D.A. Smirnov, I.V. Sysoev (Russia - Denmark) Reconstruction of multidimensoinal multi-parametric model equations from time series using Bock's algorithm (applications to single nephron model and physiological nephron data)

1-14. T.V. Dikanev (Russia) Method of basic functions set optimization in time series modeling

1-15. M.D. Prokhorov, V.I. Ponomarenko, A.S. Karavaev (Russia) Detection of coupling between time-delay systems from time series

1-16. T.V. Dikanev, D.A. Smirnov, A.V. Zborovsky (Russia) Testing time series for probability of dynamical description and choice of dynamical variables in time series modeling

2-12. S.N. Bagaev, G.G. Matvienko, Yu.N. Ponomarev, and A.A. Zemlyanov (Russia) Atmospheric femtosecond optics (C 20 min)

2-13. S.V. Garnov, V.I. Konov, A.A. Malyutin, O.G. Tsarkova, I.S. Yatskovsky, and F. Dausinger (Russia - Germany) High resolution interferometric diagnostics of air-breakdown plasma produced by picosecond laser pulses (C 20 min)

2-14. A.A. Babin, D.V. Kartashov, A.V. Kim, A.M. Kiselev, A.M. Sergeev, and A.N. Stepanov (Russia) Nonlinear effects at guided propagation of high intense femtosecond pulses in gases (C 20 min)

2-15. T. Pfeifer, D. Walter, C. Winterfeldt, C. Spielmann, and G. Gerber (Germany) High-harmonic generation in water microdroplets (C 20 min)

3-13. M. Lavrentiev, K. Simonov and A. Schemel (Russia) Nonlinear multiparametric regression method then studying complicated phenomena 

3-14. D. Akhmetov, M. Lavrentiev and R. Spigler (Russia - Italy) Existence and uniqueness of classical solutions to certain nonlinear integrodifferential Fokker-Planck-type equations 

3-15. V.E. Nazarov, A.V. Radostin (Russia) Acoustic waves in microinhomogeneous media with quadratic elastic nonlinearity and relaxation 

3-16. I.A. Sergievskaya (Russia) On the influence of parasitic capillary ripples on sea surface image 


A.G. Golitsyn, Natural phenomena and processes in Russian classical poetry

J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk
September 8










Arrival at Uglich








Departure from Uglich 






1-17. E.I. Volkov (Russia) Noise-induced dynamics in small arrays of inhibitory coupled oscillators (I 40 min)

2-16. H. Reiss (USA - Spain) Strong-field approximation in relativistic laser-atom interactions (I 40 min)

3-17. K. Dysthe, H. SocquetşJuglard, K. Trulsen, H.E. Krogstad (Norway) Analysis of extreme surface gravity waves from numerical simulations (I 30 min) 

1-18. R. Stoop (Switzerland) Hard limiter control under noisy conditions (I 40 min)

2-17. C. Jungreuthmayer, N. Milosevic, and T. Brabec (Canada) Atoms and clusters in relativistic laser fields (I 40 min)

3-18. E. Pelinovsky, A. Slunyaev, T. Talipova, C. Kharif, A. Kurkin, and A. Kokorina (Russia - France) Physical mechanisms and mathematical models of rogue waves (I 30 min)

1-19. G.Th. Guria, S.S. Shevkoplyas, S.G. Uzlova (Russia) Phase transition phenomena in nonlinear dynamics of blood (I 40 min)

2-18. A.A. Andreev and V.E. Yashin (Russia) Generation of hard X-rays and gamma radiation from laser produced plasma created by superstrong laser fields (C 20 min)

3-19. L. Shemer, E. Kit (Israel) Steep unidirectional waves: experiments and modeling (C 20 min) 


2-19. I. Kostyukov, A. Pukhov, and S. Kiselev (Russia - Germany) X-ray generation in relativistic laser channel (C 20 min)

3-20. A. Dyachenko (Russia) Breaking of progressive gravity wave (C 20 min)



3-21. S. Badulin, A. Pushkarev, D. Resio, V. Zakharov (Russia - Italy) Theory of weak turbulence in modelling of wind-driven waves. Numerical and analytical studies (C 20 min) 











1-20. V.N. Belykh (Russia) Connection graph stability method for synchronization in regular and small-world networks of coupled chaotic oscillators (I 40 min)

2-20. V.P. Krainov (Russia) Generation of giant steady magnetic fields in overdense plasmas irradiated by a super-intense femtosecond laser pulse (I 40 min)

3-22. F. Dolzhanskii and V. Ponomarev (Russia) On mechanical prototypes of fundamental hydrodynamical invariants and slow manifolds (C 20 min) 

1-21. A. Loskutov, A.B. Rybakov (Russia) Time-dependent billiards (I 40 min)

2-21. A.V. Kim (Russia) Coherent structures in relativistic laser-plasma interactions (I 40 min)

3-23. V. Klyatskin (Russia) Clustering and diffusion of particles and density field of passive tracers in random hydrodynamic flows (C 20 min) 

1-22. L.Sh. Tsimring (USA) Pattern formation in granular media (I 40 min)

2-22. M. Lontano and M. Passoni (Italy) A one-dimensional model for the laser-driven electrostatic ion acceleration (C 20 min)

3-24. N. Romanova and S. Annenkov (Russia) Three-wave resonant interactions of spectrally narrow wavepackets in weakly unstable media (C 20 min) 


2-23. V.S. Belyaev (Russia) Electron vortexes and beams in laser-produced plasma (C 20 min)

3-25. A. Abrashkin (Russia) Method of modified Lagrange coordinates in theory of waves on the surface of viscous fluid (C 20 min)

3-26. O. Kiselev, S. Glebov, V. Lazarev (Russia) Soliton generation by local resonance (C 20 min) 


3-27. K. Gorshkov (Russia) Soliton inetraction as a quasi-stationary problem of perturbation theory (C 20 min) 


Coffee break



September 8 (evening)


Special session


1-23. V.A. Khokhlova, M.A. Averciou, M.R. Bailey, L.A. Crum (Russia - USA) Nonlinear imaging methods in diagnostic medical ultrasound (C 30 min)

1-24. I. Schreiber, T. Travnickova, M. Kohout, M. Kubicek (Czech Rep.) Travelling chemical waves and complex spatiotemporal patterns in a cross-flow reaction- diffusion- convection system with an exothermic reaction (C 30 min)

1-25. T. Vadivasova (Russia) Limitations of phase description of chaotic oscillations (C 30 min)

Advancing results of ultrafast optics to new technologies

2-24. R. Ebel (Germany) Presentation of "Spectra Physics" (30 min)

2-25. N.V. Bagratashvili (Russia) Femtolasers: Excellence in ultra-short pulse applications and the latest developments in femtosecond technology (20 min)

2-26. G. Riboulet (France) Amplitude Technologies. New commercial femtosecond lasers: high power Ti:Sapphire CPA lasers and Diode pumped Ytterbium femtosecond lasers (20 min)

2-27. L. Breedlove (USA) Imalux Corporation. Developing the 6th medical imaging modality (20 min)


3-28. T. Marshall (USA) In situ measurements of the rapid initial electrification of thunderstorms (I 30 min)

3-29. V. Rakov (USA) A review of ten years of triggered-lightning experiments at camp Blanding, Florida (I 30 min)

3-30. D. Iudin, V. Trakhtengerts and A. Grigoriev (Russia) Thundercloud charge drainage system (C 20 min)




Young scientists session


1-26. E. Sergeeva, L. Dolin (Russia) Two-photon fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy imaging in the presence of multiple small-angle scattering
1-27. L.V. Talanova (Russia) Dynamical chaos in the nonlinear Weidlich model
1-28. A.S. Dmitrichev, V.B. Kazantsev, V.I. Nekorkin (Russia) Wave fronts in a modified Fitzhugh-Nagumo system
1-29. V. Klinshov, V.B. Kazantsev, and V.I. Nekorkin (Russia) Phase clusters in ensemble of Van-der-Pol oscillators

1-30. V.A. Prestunov, D.S. Shapin, V.B. Kazantsev, V.I. Nekorkin (Russia) The dynamics of two oscillators with pulse-controlled coupling

1-31. G.A. Okrokvertskhov, V.S. Anishchenko (Russia) The theoretical and experimental analysis of regularities of autocorrelation function decay of the Lorentz attractor

2-28. E.V. Kazantseva (Russia) Solitary waves in quadratic nonlinear medium taking into account dispersion of nonlinear susceptibility (15 min)
2-29. E.M. Gromov, L.V. Piskunova, V.V. Tyutin, and D.E. Vorontzov (Russia) Short vector soliton interaction (15 min)

2-30. S.A. Skobelev, D.V. Kartashov, and A.V. Kim (Russia) Stability and dynamics of few-optical-cycle solitons in nonresonant media (15 min)

2-31. A.F. Sterjantov, V.T. Platonenko, and V.V. Strelkov (Russia) Numerical simulation of the attosecond pulse generation in extended media (15 min)

2-32. M.Yu. Emelin, M.D. Chernobrovtseva, M.Yu. Ryabikin, A.M. Sergeev, T. Pfeifer, D. Walter, and G. Gerber (Russia - Germany) Generation of attosecond X-ray bursts at ionization of aligned molecules: role of initial state (15 min)

2-33. T. Pfeifer, D. Walter, C. Winterfeldt, C. Spielmann, and G. Gerber (Germany) Controlling the shape of high-harmonic XUV spectra by adaptive pulse shaping (15 min)


3-31. I.I. Didenkulova, A.I. Zaytsev, └.└. Krasiltshikov, A.A. Kurkin, E.N. Pelinovsky, A.C. Yalciner (Russia - Turkey) The Nizhny Novgorod tsunami on the Volga river (15 min)

3-32. A. Krasiltshikov, K. Klevanny, T. Talipova (Russia) Forecasting of industrial accidents in the rivers Volga and Oka (15 min)

3-33. G.N. Balandina, D.A. Sergeev, Yu.I. Troitskaya (Russia) The experimental studying of the wake behind the bodies of the different form in the stratified fluid (15 min)

3-34. A. Kokorina (Russia) Unidirectional random waves in shallow water (the Korteweg - de Vries model) (15 min)



Evening program

J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk
September 9








 J-4. A.S. Sharma (USA) Global and multi-scale dynamics of solar wind - magnetosphere coupling 


J-5. A.I. Selverston (USA) Joint presentation:
M.I. Rabinovich (Russia - USA)
Neurodynamics of informational patterns; 
A.I. Selverston (USA) The dynamical properties of neurons and synapses contribute to the synchronization and stability of central pattern generators 


Coffee break



1-32. S.P. Kuznetsov (Russia) Complex dynamics in backward-wave oscillators (I 30 min)

2-34. G. Gerber (Germany) Adaptive femtosecond quantum control of atomic and molecular systems (I 40 min)

3-35. A. Feigin (Russia) Nonlinear dynamics of atmospheric photochemistry and its influence on atmospheric phenomena (I 30 min)

1-33. E. Ultanir, G.I. Stegeman (USA) Dissipative propagating spatial solitons (autosolitons) in semiconductor amplifiers (I 30 min)

2-35. V.A. Shuvalov (Russia) Primary charge separation in bacterial reaction centers (I 40 min)

3-36. I. Konovalov (Russia) Studying nonlinear relationships between observed variables of environmental systems by means of neural networks: an example of the tropospheric photochemical system (C 20 min)

1-34. D.I. Trubetskov, A.A. Koronovskii, A.E. Hramov (Russia) Synchronization in microwave electronics (I 30 min)

2-36. A.A. Ivanov, D.A. Akimov, M.V. Alfimov, A.N. Petrov, A.A. Podshivalov, and A.M. Zheltikov (Russia) Femtosecond Cr4+:  forsterite laser with a regenerative amplifier: An advanced source for nonlinear-optical visualization of J-aggregation (C 20 min)

3-37. Y. Chugunov (Russia) Theory of antennas in plasmas under resonance conditions: problems and applications (C 20 min)

3-38. G. Markov (Russia) Study of nonequilibrium wave processes in a magnetic mirror confinement system with a high-frequency source (C 20 min) 


Arrival in Moscow




Departure from Moscow


1-35. G.N. Bochkov, K.V. Gorokhov, A.A. Dubkov (Russia) The elementary and complex informational bispectral patterns (C 30 min)

2-37. M. Wollenhaupt, A. Assion, O. Bazhan, Ch. Horn, D. Liese, Ch. Sarpe-Tudoran, M. Winter, and T. Baumert (Germany) Coherent control beyond population control and spectral interferences (Can resonant intense femtosecond laser pulses freeze the population?) (I 40 min)

3-39. M. Nosov, S. Kolesov, and S. Skachko (Russia) Non-linear phenomena in tsunami source: a possible contribution to wave amplitude (C 20 min)

1-36. A.S. Dmitriev, G.A. Kassian, L.V. Kuzmin (Russia) Matched filtering of chaotic signals (I 40 min)

2-38. O.M. Sarkisov (Russia) Femtochemistry of elementary processes (I 40 min)

3-40. N. Zahibo, E. Pelinovsky, A. Yalciner, A. Kurkin, A. Koselkov, and A. Zaitsev (France - Russia - Turkey) The 1867 Virgin island tsunami: observations and modeling (C 20 min)

1-37. V.S. Anishchenko, T.E. Vadivasova, G.A. Okrokvertskhov, G.I. Strelkova (Russia) Autocorrelation function decay in chaotic systems: Experiments, theory and numerical simulation (I 40 min)

2-39. S. Chekalin, V. Kompanets, N. Starodubtsev, V. Sundstrom, and A. Yartsev (Russia - Sweden) Femtosecond pump-probe investigation of primary photoinduced processes in C60 films and C60/Sn nanostructures (C 30 min)

3-41. J. Grue, D. Clamond, D. Fructus (Norway) Unsteady simulations of fully nonlinear wave patterns in 3D (I 30 min)

3-42. M. Francius and C. Kharif (France) On the stability of surface gravity waves in shallow water (I 30 min)
September 9 (evening)


Coffee break





1-38. B.P. Bezruchko, T.V. Dikanev, D.A. Smirnov, J.L.P. Velazques, R. Wennberg (Russia - Canada) Dynamical nonstationarity analysis and time structure of elliptic seizure (I 30 min)

2-40. E.V. Pestryakov, V.I. Trunov, V.V. Petrov, and A.V. Kirpichnikov (Russia) High-power ultrafast laser system: hybrid principle of creation (C 20 min)

3-43. S. Ermakov (Russia) The role of bound gravity-capillary waves in radar backscattering from the sea surface (I 30 min)

1-39. A.M. Feigin (Russia) Prognosis of qualitative behavior of a dynamic system by the noisy chaotic time series (I 30 min)

2-41. E.A. Khazanov et al. (Russia) Super broadband parametric amplification for multi-petawatt optical pulse generation (C 20 min)

3-44. I. Sergievskaya (Russia) Cascade modulation of short waves due to long waves in slicks. Wave tank experiment (C 20 min)

1-40. M.V. Kapranov, A.I. Tomashevsky (Russia) Generation of chaotic oscillations in tract with phase control (C 30 min)

2-42. K.G. Levchenko, G.Ya. Malinovskii, S.B. Mamaev, L.D. Mikheev, V.V. Mislavskii, T.Yu. Moskalev, A.P. Shirokikh, V.I. Tcheremiskine, and V.I. Yalovoi (Russia) Photochemically driven active media for direct amplifying second harmonic of Ti:Sa femtosecond laser (C 20 min)

3-45. V. Bakhanov, E. Zuikova, O. Kemarskaya and V. Titov (Russia) Surface wave variability above a submarine mountain (C 20 min)


2-43. A.V. Balakin, D.A. Sapozhnikov, and A.P. Shkurinov (Russia) Femtosecond terahertz spectrometer (C 20 min)

3-46. G. Khabahpashev (Russia) Effect of nonlinear internal waves on a perturbation of the free surface in a two-layer ocean of arbitrary depth with a slowly varying bathymetry(C 20 min) 




Poster session

Young scientists session

20:30-22:00 1-41. T. Kreuz, R. Andrzejak, A. Kraskov, F. Mormann, H. Stogbauer, C.E. Elger, P. Grassberger, K. Lehnertz (Germany) Validating the performance of epileptic seizure prediction algorithms using simulated annealing 

1-42. V.I. Ponomarenko, M.D. Prokhorov (Russia) Encryption and decryption of information masked by the chaotic signal of a delayed nonlinear feedback system

1-43. Ye.P. Seleznev (Russia) Fractal properties of synchronous chaos in coupled nonautonomous nonlinear oscillators 

1-44. L. Schreiberova, O. Pesek, I. Schreiber (Czech Rep.) Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in diffusion-coupled stirred reactors with a pH-oscillatory reaction

1-45. S.V. Kiyashko, V. Afenchenko, A.B. Ezersky (Russia) Controlling the motion of a topological defect by parametrically excited capillary ripples

2-44. V.E. Chernov, H. Helm, I.Yu. Kiyan, and B.A. Zon (Russia - Germany) Induced dipole effect on photodetachment of negative ions (15 min)

2-45. J.M. Mikhailova and V.T. Platonenko (Russia) Plasmas with nanoscale inhomogeneities heated by high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses (15 min)

2-46. V.B. Gildenburg and N.V. Vvedenskii (Russia) Spectral modification of intense laser pulse ionizing a dense gas slab (15 min)

2-47. D.I. Kulagin and S.B. Bodrov (Russia) Plasma channel formation by axicon focusing of femtosecond laser radiation inside transparent dielectrics (15 min)

2-48. I.A. Gonoskov, V.A. Mironov, G.A. Vugalter (Russia) Multiphoton ionization of atoms by nonclassical light (15 min)


3-47. V.A. Dubinina, └.└. Kurkin, ╬.┼. Poloukhina (Russia) Weakly nonlinear periodic Stokes edge waves 

3-48. S.N. Gurbatov, M.Yu. Petukhov (Russia) Nonlinear generation of acoustic flow by acoustic-gravity waves vertically propagating in the solar atmosphere 

3-49. S.A. Samarin, N.M. Samarina, A.A. Kurkin, O.E. Poloukhina (Russia) Generation meteotsunami by various structures of atmospheric wave 

3-50. N.M. Samarina, A.A. Kurkin, O.E. Poloukhina (Russia) Generation of tsunami by underwater landslides 

3-51. E.N. Zakharova, V.I. Kazakov, Yu.I. Troitskaya (Russia) The turbulent wake after a body moving at different speeds and different position with respect to the thermocline 



Evening program

J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk
September 10








Arrival at Sosenki




  J-6. L.V. Keldysh (Russia) Transient correlations in fast-created electron-hole plasma  


J-7. Ch. Spielmann (Germany) Attosecond physics  


Coffee break 




Riverside outings




Departure from Sosenki 










1-46. A.A. Polezhaev (Russia) Patterns formed by aggregating cells under nonstationary conditions (I 40 min)

2-49. D. Charalambidis, P. Tzallas, L.A.A. Nikolopoulos, N.A. Papadogiannis, K. Witte, and G.D. Tsakiris (Greece) Extending fs pulse metrology to sub-fs XUV pulses (I 40 min)

3-52. A. Demekhov (Russia) Problems of nonlinear dynamics of magnetospheric cyclotron masers (I 30 min)

1-47. A.B. Medvinsky, I.A. Tikhonova, B.L. Li, H. Malchow (Russia - USA - Germany) Parametrically irregular chaos in ecological communities (I 40 min)

2-50. A.M. Sergeev, M.Yu. Emelin, M.Yu. Ryabikin, M.D. Chernobrovtseva, T. Pfeifer, D. Walter, and G. Gerber (Russia - Germany) High efficient generation of single attosecond pulses at ionization of excited atoms and molecules (C 20 min) 

3-53. V. Gubchenko, H. Biernat, M. Goossens (Russia - Austria - Belgium) On nonlinear kinetics of weakly magnetized hot current carrying plasma near magnetic reconnection region (C 20 min)

1-48. R. Levi, P. Varona, Y.I. Arshavsky, A.I. Selverston, M.I. Rabinovich (USA - Spain - Russia) Generation of an irregular motor program by a sensory organ (C 40 min)

2-51. V.V. Strelkov, O. Tcherbakoff, A. Zair, E. Cormier, R. Lopez-Martens, J. Mauritsson, A. L'Huillier, E. Mevel, and E. Constant (France - Sweden) Generation of XUV attosecond pulses with ellipticity-modulated laser field (I 40 min) 

3-54. N.B. Crosby (Denmark) The avalanche concept applied to the Sun-Earth scenario (C 20 min)


2-52. A.S. Kornev, E.B. Tulenko, B.A. Zon, and M.I. Berkman (Russia) Many-body effects in multiple ionization of rare-gas atoms in a circularly polarized laser field (C 20 min)

3-55. P. Bespalov (Russia) Envelope solitary waves in a plasma magnetospheric maser (C 20 min)



3-56. A.O. Soldatkin (Russia) The self-consistent model of the inner magnetosphere as steady-state plasma envelope in the field of rotating magnetized central body (C 20 min)


Coffee break



September 10 (evening)





1-49. A.B. Ezersky, O.E. Polukhina, J. Brossard, F. Marin, I. Mutabazi (Russia - France) Excitation of surface wave solitons and bound states in a shallow water resonator (I 30 min)

2-53. P. Agostini, P. Breger, B. Carre, C. Dinu, L.J. Frasinski, M. Kovacev, Y. Mairesse, H. Merdji, P. Monchicourt, H.G. Muller, P.-M. Paul, E. Priori, and P. Salieres (France- The Netherlands - UK) Characterization of sub-femtosecond XUV pulse train in high harmonic generation (I 30 min)

3-57. V. Reutov and G.V. Rybushkina (Russia) Quasilinear theory of wave structure generation in the barotropic zonal flows on the beta-plane (C 20 min)

1-50. S.V. Kiyashko (Russia) Defects and domain walls at parametric excitation of capillary ripples (C 30 min)

2-54. M.V. Frolov, N.L. Manakov, and A.F. Starace (Russia - USA) Plateau effects and threshold phenomena in strong laser interactions with atomic systems (C 30 min)

3-58. S. Shagalov (Russia) Nonlinear excitation of barotropic and baroclinic waves coupled in the critical layer of a marginally unstable zonal flow (C 20 min)

1-51. Yu.P. Sharaevsky, M.A. Malugina (Russia) Stability of nonlinear waves in layered ferromagnetic structures (I 30 min)

2-55. M.Ya. Schelev (Russia) Ultrafast photoelectronics (I 30 min)

3-59. V.P. Reutov, S.V. Shagalov, and G.V. Rybushkina (Russia) Long-wave soliton-like structures in weakly dissipative zonal flows (C 20 min)



3-60. P. Caillol and R. H. Grimshaw (UK) Rossby solitary wave in the presence of a critical layer (C 20 min)










1-52. A.I. Korytin (Russia) Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy of biological objects (C 20 min)

2-56. A.M. Popov, O.V. Tikhonova, P.A. Volkov, and E.A. Volkova (Russia) Strong field ionization of H2+ molecule accompanied by efficient rotational dynamics (C 20 min)

3-61. N. Nikitina (Russia) Acoustoelasticity phenomenon using for evaluation of structured medium stressed state (C 20 min)

1-53. H. Stoegbauer, A. Kraskov, T. Kreuz, R.G. Andrzejak, P. Grassberger (Germany) Multivariate analysis: Characterization of physiological states from intracranial EEG recordings (C 20 min)

2-57. G.A. Kagan and M.Yu. Ryabikin (Russia) Dynamics of nuclei in molecule ionized by intense laser pulse (C 20 min)

3-62. V. Erofeev and O.A. Sheshenina (Russia) Surface shear waves in homogeneous gradient-elastic half space with surface Energy (C 20 min)

1-54. T. Nowotny, M.I. Rabinovich, H.D.I. Abarbanel (USA) Representation, transformation and storage of temporal information in neuronal systems (C 20 min)

2-58. D. Nolan, A. Sysoliatin, E. Dianov, U. Akhmetshin, A. Korolev, V. Solovjev, and S. Li (USA - Russia) Nonlinear-dynamic compensation in optical fiber (C 20 min)

3-63. A.G. Pegushin and V.I. Erofeyev (Russia) Soliton's propagation in porous materials (C 20 min)

1-55. R.G. Andrzejak, A. Kraskov, T. Kreuz, H. Stoegbauer, F. Mormann, K. Lehnertz, P. Grassberger (Germany) On the use of bivariate surrogates techniques in combination with nonlinear interdependence measures (C 20 min)

2-59. A. Efimov, F.G. Omenetto, A.J. Taylor, and E. Vanin (USA - Sweden) Adaptive control of femtosecond soliton propagation in optical fibers (C 20 min)


1-56. E.S. Mchedlova (Russia) The effect of additional long-range links on dynamics of the coupled map lattice (C 20 min)

2-60. S.N. Bagayev, V.I. Denisov, V.F. Zakharyash, A.V. Kashirsky, V.M. Klementyev, I.I. Korel, S.A. Kuznetsov, and V.S. Pivtsov (Russia) Investigation of nonlinear processes at transformation of femtosecond TI:S laser pulses by special optical fibres (C 20 min)



2-61. A. Sysoliatin, V. Bogatyrev, and S. Muraviev (Russia) Optimal soliton compression in dispersion decreasing fibers (C 20 min)



Evening program



J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk
September 11










1-57. D.I. Iudin, D.A. Kas'yanov (Russia) Foam non-linear dynamics (C 20 min)

2-62. P.G. Kryukov, K.A. Zagorulko, E.M. Dianov, A. Dragomir, and D.N. Nikogosyan (Russia - Ireland) Long-period and Bragg fiber gratings fabrication with femtosecond pulse radiation at different wavelengths (C 20 min)

3-64. K. Lamb (Canada) Shear flow instabilities in the subcritical response over a sill and in shoaling internal solitary waves (I 30 min)

1-58. S. Binczak, J.M. Bilbault (France) Experimental study of electrical reaction-diffusion lattices (C 20 min)

2-63. Y.E. Lozovik and S.P. Merkulova (Russia) Enhancement of the electromagnetic field under SPM tip, nanooptics and nanolithography (C 20 min)

3-65. Yu. Troitskaya (Russia) A quasi-linear model of evolution of a turbulent wake in stratified fluid (I 30 min)

1-59. L.V. Krasichkov, K.V. Andreev (Russia) Pattern formation and switching in neuron ensembles, modeling by piecewise linear maps (C 20 min)

2-64. A.N. Stepanov, A.V. Kirsanov, A.M. Kiselev, and N.I. Polushkin (Russia) Femtosecond laser-induced nanofabrication in the near-field of atomic force microscope tip (C 20 min)



Arrival in Kostroma




Departure from Kostroma









1-60. A. Kraskov, H. Stoegbauer, T. Kreuz, R.G. Andrzejak, P. Grassberger (Germany) New methods of calculating mutual information (C 20 min)

2-65. E.V. Kazantseva and A.I. Maimistov (Russia) The reduced Maxwell-Duffing description of extremely short pulses in non-resonant media (C 20 min)

3-66. M.A. Nosov, and S.N. Skachko (Russia) Nonlinear nonacoustic currents generated by oscillating bottom (C 20 min)

1-61. D.G. Zakharov (Russia) Influence of inhibitory pulse train on a pacemaker Hindmarsh-Rose neuron (C 20 min)

2-66. E.M. Gromov, L.V. Piskunova, V.V. Tyutin, and D.E. Vorontzov (Russia) Dynamics of vector wave packets in the frame of the coupled third-order nonlinear Schrodinger equation (C 20 min)

3-67. S. Kshevetskii and N.M. Gavrilov (Russia) Vertical propagation and breaking of internal gravity waves in the atmosphere (C 20 min)

1-62. I.V. Koryukin (Russia) Chaotic dynamics of multimode semiconductor laser with optical feedback (C 20 min)

2-67. S.A. Darmanyan, A.M. Kamchatnov, and M. Neviere (Russia - France) Solitons in the vicinity of a polariton gap (C 20 min)

3-68. A. Slunyaev, E. Pelinovsky, O. Poloukhina, S. Gavrilyuk (Russia - France) The Gardner equation as the model for long internal waves (C 20 min)

1-63. V. Matrosov, D. Kasatkin (Russia) Collective dynamics of small ensembles of coupled PLL systems (C 20 min)

2-68. D.V. Kartashov, S.A. Skobelev, and A.V. Kim (Russia) Few-optical-cycle solitons in nonresonant media (C 20 min)

3-69. I. Soustova, K. Gorshkov, L. Ostovsky, V. Irisov (Russia - USA) Multisoliton solutions of Gardner equation and their applications for intense tidal internal waves (C 20 min)
Discussion (40 min)

3-70. O.E. Poloukhina, N.V. Poloukhin, A.A. Kurkin (Russia) Second-order theory for long shelf waves(C 20 min)



3-71. T. Talipova, O. Poloukhina, N. Poloukhin, A. Krasiltshikov, A. Kurkin (Russia) Modeling of transformation of the internal solitons on the ocean shelves and their manifestation on the surface (C 20 min)
September 11 (evening)


Arrival at Ples




Closing Session


Departure from Ples


Dinner party

J - Joint session; I - Invited talk; C - Contributed talk
September 12









Round Table



Coffee break










Arrival in Nizhny Novgorod