Moscow  - St.-Petersburg,

22 - 28 July 2017
Nonlinear Dynamics
and Complexity
Lasers with High Peak
and High Average Power
Nonlinear Problems in the Atmosphere and Ocean
NWP-1: Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity
  • Complex dynamical systems
  • Synchronization of complex networks
  • Dynamical systems with time delays
  • Dynamics of neural networks
  • Adaptive dynamical networks
  • Chimera states and complex patterns
  • Heteroclinic sequences and channels 

NWP-2: Lasers with High Peak and High Average Power

  • Petawatt-class lasers
  • High average power lasers
  • High energy lasers
  • Focusing systems, coherent beam combining
  • Highly resistant optical components
  • Applications of high-power laser systems

NWP-3: Nonlinear Phenomena in the Atmosphere and Ocean

  • Ocean dynamics
  • Atmosphere dynamics
  • Climate dynamics
  • Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean

W/s Magnetic Fields in Laboratory High Energy Density Plasmas (LaB)

The “LaB” workshop series aims at bringing together, in a transdisciplinary forum,
scientists interested in the emerging areas of coupling laboratory high-energy-density (HED) plasmas and external and internal intense magnetic fields in varied domains, including plasma astrophysics, inertial fusion, and particle acceleration. Magnetic fields have been widely recognized to have profound effects in these areas, but specific progress is hindered by limited theoretical understanding and diagnostics capabilities. The main aim of such a forum is to serve as an exchange of ideas, discussion of theoretical and experimental work that has been done, and to explore potential new collaborations in these critical areas.

Cremlin w/s Key technological issues in construction and exploitation of 100 PW class lasers

  • Physics of petawatt and multi-petawatt lasers
  • Pump laser for final cascades of (parametrical) chirped pulse amplifiers 
  • Characterization of high power laser beams and pulses
  • Increase of repetition rate of high power lasers