Moscow  - St.-Petersburg,

22 - 28 July 2017
Nonlinear Dynamics
and Complexity
Lasers with High Peak
and High Average Power
Nonlinear Problems in the Atmosphere and Ocean
NWP-1: Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity
Albert Luo, Southern Illinois University, USA
Vladimir Nekorkin, Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Russia 

Program Committee
Valentin Afraimovich, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Marat Akhmet, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
José María Amigó García, Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain
Vadim Anishchenko, Saratov State University, Russia
Jean-Marie Bilbault, University of Burgundy, France
Maurice Courbage, Paris Diderot University, France 
Alexander Dmitriev, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
Michal Feckan, Comenius University, Slovakia
Maria Luz Gandarias, University of Cádiz, Spain
Tassilo Küpper, University of Cologne, Germany
Carlo Laing, Massey University, New Zealand
Xavier Leoncini, Aix-Marseille University, France
Elbert Macau, National Institute for Space Research, Brasil
Miguel A. F. Sanjuán, King Juan Carlos University, Spain
Eckehard Schöll, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
J. A. Tenreiro Machado,  Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal
Dmitry Trubetskov, Saratov State University, Russia
Serhiy Yanchuk, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Jiazhong Zhang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Conference scope

  • Complex dynamical systems
  • Synchronization of complex networks
  • Dynamical systems with time delays
  • Dynamics of neural networks
  • Adaptive dynamical networks
  • Chimera states and complex patterns
  • Heteroclinic sequences and channels

Scientific Secretary
Vladimir Klinshov
Institute of Applied Physics RAS
46 Ulyanov Str., 603950 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Tel: + 7 (831) 4164905, Fax: +7 (831) 4367291

Invited Speakers

Amigó García José María
Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain
Limits of probabilistic forecasting in nonlinear time series analysis

Anishchenko Vadim
Saratov State University, Russia
Dynamical and statistical characteristics of different chimera structures in networks of nonlocally coupled oscillators

Bilbault Jean-Marie
University of Burgundy, France
Impact of perturbations on neuron response

Bottani Samuel
Paris Diderot University, France
Adaptive oscillatory neurons generate periodic bursting: analytic and numerical study of the attractor dynamics

Bruzón Maria Santos
University of Cádiz, Spain
Conservation laws and potential systems for a general family of thin film equations

Courbage Maurice
Paris Diderot University, France
Respiratory Neural Network: Activity and Connectivity

Dmitriev Alexander
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
Look at the world in a different light: radio illumination using microwave dynamic chaos

Feudel Ulrike
University Oldenburg, Germany
Self-induced switchings between multiple space-time patterns on complex networks of excitable units

  Fu Xilin
Shandong Normal University, China
Dynamics of an inclined impact oscillator

Fukai Tomoki
RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
Chunking by mutual supervision in reservoir computing

Gandarias Maria Luz
University of Cádiz, Spain
On conservation laws for some equations that admit compacton

Gjurchinovski Aleksandar
University of Skopje, Macedonia
Amplitude death and chimera patterns in complex networks with time delays

Hasler  Martin
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland

Hramov Alexander
Yuri Gagarin State technical University of Saratov, Russia
Macroscopic and microscopic spectral properties of multilayer epileptic brain networks during local and global synchronization

Khalique Masood
North-West University, South Africa
Lie group analysis and conservation laws of the Zoomeron equation

Koronovskii Alexey
Saratov State University, Russia
Characteristics of noise-induced intermittency in bistable systems

Kuznetsov Sergey
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics, Saratov Branch, Russia
Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia
Design principles and illustrations of hyperbolic chaos in mechanical and electronic systems

Leoncini Xavier
Aix-Marseille University, France

Luo Albert
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA
Bifurcation trees of periodic motions to chaos in a parametrically excited pendulum

Macau Elbert
National institute for Space Research, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
On synchronization in power-grid models of second-order Kuramoto oscillators 

Machado J. A. Tenreiro 
Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal
Fractional calculus: Fundamentals and applications

Masoller Cristina
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
Subthreshold signal encoding and transmission in coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons

Nicolaou Zachary
Northwestern University, USA
Chimera states in continuous media

Oberlack Martin
Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
Statistical Symmetries in turbulence – recent results for 2D flows

Polezhaev Andrey
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Patterns formed before the onset of subcritical Turing bifurcation

Roy Sisir
Indian Statistical Institute, India
Role of noise in quorum sensing and pattern formation of bacteria

Sanjuán Miguel A. F.
King Juan Carlos University, Spain
Basin entropy: A new tool to explore uncertainty in dynamical systems


Soriano-Fradera Jordi
University of Barcelona, Spain
Experiments in neuronal cultures: connectivity, dynamics and complexity in a dish

Volkov Evgeny           
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Complex routes to unusual collective chaos in indirectly coupled identical ring oscillators

Yanchuk Serhiy
Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Noise-resistance of oscillatory neural networks with spike timing-dependent plasticity

Zhang Jiazhong
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Studying pattern dynamics in aerodynamics using Lagrangian coherent structures